Swinging Experiences: Our Adventures

Articles on our swinging experiences in the lifestyle from nervous newbies to swinger parties and more

We have been in the swinging lifestyle for over three years now. We started this blog shortly after we joining the lifestyle so it provides a good example of our growth and learning. Hopefully the articles prove useful to new swingers or those who yet haven’t taken the leap into swinging yet.

As always we focus on the South East Asia area as that is where we are based.

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swing life style and pushy men

Swing life style and pushy men is an issue we have heard a lot about from other couples. Recently however we encountered a couple of pushy men ourselves. This is one of the instances. Mr and Mrs A This was a travelling couple that were coming over to visit some...

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Swing Party At Hotel

[dropcap]W[/dropcap] e thought people might be wondering about hotel parties, what happens and how much fun they are. So here is the story of our first Swing Party at a Hotel. How it turned into a party. Before the party During the party After the date Things we...

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First Swinging Experience

We thought people might be nervous about their first swinging experience and that it might be helpful to tell you about what happened on our first swinging play date so you are aware of what to expect for your first time swinging.

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First Swinger Date, before, during and after.

Your first date as a swinger couple [dropcap] S [/dropcap] o I thought I would share our experience of the first date as swingers. Shortly after deciding to try swinging we shortlisted a number of profiles of other swinger couples. It was the other couple that reached...

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