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Hi Singapore Swingers

C alling all sexy Singaporeans! Sexy Asian swingers are very welcome too. How do you like the idea of swinger parties?

It can be difficult to start in the swinging lifestyle. Attending a party can be a great way to meet other couples and learn more about swinging. Unfortunately, the parties can be too hard-core for newbies or inexperienced couples. Plus, if you don’t know the host how can you get an invite?

Party sex is the best kind of sex

We like party sex. If you’ve read some of our blog posts you know this already. Here are some of the reasons why:

Go as a couple but play separately

It can be almost impossible to get a four-way match when you swing with another couple. Good news, at a party you don’t need to! You can each find someone at the party you want to play or just watch, that’s okay. It can be a problem when swinging with a couple when one person just wants to watch, his or her partner can feel neglected. Not a problem at a party, play, take a break and watch, then get back to playing.

Group Sex, Orgy

Only at parties can you experience an orgy. Great fun, if a little chaotic! If this is on your bucket list then sign up, you’re going to like it.

Gangbang, bukkake

For the ladies. Definitely something to try if you haven’t before. Bring a towel.

Voyeurs and Exhibitionists

Swinger parties are perfect. You don’t even have to swap partners if you don’t want. Just make out with your partner or just play with a sex toy. It’s more fun when people are watching. Just remember to put on a good show!

Private, Invitation-only parties

We host private, invitation-only swinger parties in Singapore. Not the usual hardcore swinger parties you hear about where every couple is expected to do full swap and it is full of single males (sorry to the awesome single males out there but single males do have a reputation).

Sex in Singapore: Easy going Swingers Party

W e aim for a balance between the more experienced swinger couples and new couples just starting in the lifestyle.

Our parties are suitable for inexperienced or nervous couples. Just relax, no one is going to jump on you. We have vouched for everyone at the party so you can have a good time and don’t need to feel anxious.

Does you identify with any of the descriptions below?

  • Full swap couple
  • Soft swap couple
  • Bisexual couple
  • New to swinging and want to go to a swinger party for the first time
  • Voyeur, exhibitionist
  • Hotwife, cuckold
  • Bi-sexual, Bi-curious or just Bi-Friendly
  • Into (light) BDSM
  • Gangbang, bukkake
  • LGBT
  • Polyamorous
  • Lingerie, dressing up
  • Group sex (threesome, foursome, orgy)

We are friends with and enjoy the company of LGBT people so our parties are likely to have play between people of the same sex (both genders). All play is consensual and you don’t have to participate in anything you are uncomfortable with. Still, if you are not comfortable with sex between people of the same gender then our parties are not a good fit for you.

Vouched for couples

T o keep the quality of our parties high and to ensure we get a good balance of couples we arrange to meet socially first with a couple. This is just standard practice for us when we swing with a couple anyway.

Single Men

S orry, our parties are for couples. If you are a single male then please find a partner before joining.


We take good care of ourselves and we expect other swinger couples to do the same. That doesn’t mean you need to look like a supermodel but at least be height weight proportionate and be in good shape.