On a playdate earlier this week I was asked if I had a sexy bucket list for 2015.

I couldn’t really come up with much then, but after some thinking realised there are actually a few new sexual experiences I want to have this year.

I thought if I posted my sexy bucket list ideas, I can look back at the end of the year and see what I have managed to check off.

So, here in no particular order are my sexy bucket list ideas.

Visit a swingers club

Sounds strange as we have been in the lifestyle for 18 months now and travelled a fair bit during that time, but we have never been to a swingers club.

There aren’t any near to where we are living at the moment so this will have to be one time when we are on holiday.

Lifestyle Cruise

We have never had a lifestyle holiday and this year we found out that there is a lifestyle cruise that leaves from not too far away from home run by Dream Pleasure Tours.

We only found out a short while before the cruise took place last year so we hope to go this year, we are keeping our eyes out for that.

Sex Swing

I have seen a couple of these in pictures and videos and heard about them in blogs and podcasts.
They look and sound like fun so want to try one out.

You never know there might be one on the cruise if we manage to go on it, two for one perhaps?

Naughty Video

We have taken many naughty pictures but yet to take any video so that is something I would like to do this year.

I think this will be fun and it is probably going to be the easiest one in the list to check off.

Learn Striptease


Image courtesy of Karen Desuyo (https://www.flickr.com/photos/karen_chan/) https://www.flickr.com/photos/karen_chan/3606885587/in/photolist-6uJeqx-6uJcRn-6uNsYs-6uJjDv-6uJgjp

I would love to learn how to undress in a sexy way, I find wearing sexy clothes and being naked great but the transition between can be not so graceful.

I want to learn the art of seductive stripping before the year is out.

Maybe I can tie that one in with the naughty video and start the video with a striptease, another two for one.

MFM (see update 11/01/2015)

We made steps into trying MFM in 2014, up to meeting a few guys, but found that we didn’t really like the guys that where putting themselves forward.

They weren’t as single as they made out or had attitude problems.
Better luck this year on that maybe.

Make Up/Dressing Up

Okay, this might not be an actual sexual act that I want fulfilling but I want to become better at sexy make up and dressing up.

Maybe get a few more sexy outfits as well as wear the ones I have more.

UPDATE TO LIST (04/01/2015)

Make out with swap partners AND partners in bar.

This might take some working BUT I like the idea of going into a bar with a couple we already know and play with.
After a quick make out with partners switch and make out for a while with swap partners.
Switch and repeat until get kicked out of bar !!!

Pick up another lady with the lady of a swap couple.

Maybe tagged on to the above, but go to a bar with a swap couple, make out with the lady and if any other ladies are watching and look interested we can try and pick her up.

UPDATE TO LIST (11/01/2015)

Update to MFM (1) – have it with 2 bi-males.

(Thanks to Sabrina Swings for this twist)
Yes a twist to the standard MFM (with hubby’s permission of course).
May be harder to achieve as bi(curious) men don’t always make themselves known.
I think it would be nice to play with 2 men that could also interact with each other at the same time as interacting with me.

Update to MFM (2) – pick a man up up in a bar while on holiday for an MFM.

Hubby’s suggestion and one I have got to like the idea of.

So this is my sexy wishlist for 2015

It will be interesting to see what I have ticked off by this time next year.

Your Comments

What is on your sexy bucket list for 2015 ?
Any tips on how to fulfill any of the items on my little wishlist ?