We just launched Sex Positive Singapore (“SPS”).

Sex Positive Singapore (“SPS”) aims to provide social, sensual and sexy events for sex-positive ladies, couples and high-quality vetted gentlemen.

Do you like:

  • Socials
  • Cuddle parties
  • Outings
  • Sleepovers
  • Dinners
  • Body painting
  • Group massage
  • Sensation play
  • and lots more…

Sex-Positivity is about consent, communication, acceptance and freedom; and it’s about designing the kinds of relationships that you want – not inheriting cultural ideas about how it must be.

We are pleased to receive applications to join from people who live in alternative lifestyles. The purpose is not to promote or advocate any activity or lifestyle, instead, we provide a space where we can all learn about different lifestyles and activities in a non-judgemental way.

All genders, orientations and lifestyles are welcome.


Our events are super safe, women always come first! We don’t tolerate or put up with men or women getting out of hand… no means no at our events and there’s a no touching policy unless someone asks.

Gabriella Cordova, Director of Sex Positive World

Gabriella Cordova

We are delighted that Gabriella Cordova, the founder and director of Sex Positive World will be helping us build the Singapore chapter by taking on the role of Co-Organiser of Sex Positive Singapore (read more about her here: Daily Dot article on Sex Positive Portland and Gabriella Cordova ). Many other Sex Positive meetup groups exist around the world and now we have our own in Singapore!

Are you sex positive?

Sex Positive Quote

  • Do you consider sex to be a healthy part of life that should be enjoyed?
  • Are you someone who doesn’t consider sex a taboo subject?
  • Do you accept others’ sexual practices, as long as the participants consent and feel safe, without moral judgment? Even if their sexual behaviours might be different from your own.
  • Do you want to better understand your body, your partners’ body and all the physical and emotional aspects involved with intimacy?

If you answered YES then you’re a good fit for our group!

Here are some things that are NOT sex positive:

  • Not having any boundaries – Knowing your boundaries and clearly articulating them is one of the most sex-positive things you can do.
  • Sexually objectifying others – Sex Positivity is not an excuse to sexually objectify other people. You can’t truly affirm others and their sexual choices if you project your own desires onto them.
  • Feeling entitled to sex – Supporting others in their own sexual choices is a key part of sex positivity, entitlement has no place in it.

We aspire to create a friendly and welcoming community of sex-positive ladies, couples and high-quality vetted gentlemen.

Different levels of activity

Sex Positive World has four levels of participation. Sex Positive Singapore will create events for Level 1 and 2 only. In the future, subject to a better understanding of the legal requirements in Singapore, we may be able to create higher level events.

Sex Positive event levels (Singapore):

  • Level 1: Social/Educational
  • Level 2: Sensual – touch/intimacy (clothed)

Read more about our levels here: Levels Demystified

Here are some of the sexy activities we have planned:

  • Roundtable discussions on alternative lifestyles (kink, swinging, polyamory, naturism etc) (L1)
  • Discussions on consent, boundaries and limits (L1)
  • Social events (L1,L2)
  • Massage (L2)
  • Cuddle Party (Singapore) (L2)
  • Rope Bondage workshop (L2)
  • Impact Play (L2)
  • Aromatherapy (L2)
  • Lap dancing Workshop (L2)

And many more events, activities and workshops!

Find your level and have fun

Asian couple

Whatever your level of participation you’ll find something of interest from casual cafe meet-ups to dress-to-impress social networking with sexy people. Find your level and have fun!

If you are Sex Positive and live in Singapore please apply to join!


Apply to join Sex Positive Singapore