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Sexy Bucket List Ideas for 2015

On a playdate earlier this week I was asked if I had a sexy bucket list for 2015. I couldn't really come up with much then, but after some thinking realised there are actually a few new sexual experiences I want to have this year. I thought if I posted my sexy bucket...

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Hotel sex with visiting couples

It is nice to get that email saying “We are going to be in your area next week, care to meet?”.
But what happens next?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of meeting a swinger couple who are in your town on holiday or on business?

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18 Myths about swinging

In this post I debunk some of the more common myths about swingers and the swinging lifestyle. Myth 1: All swingers are ugly overweight people! Myth 2: All swingers are in to kinky sex!. Myth 3: Swinging is Cheating ! Myth 4: Swinging will keep a potential cheater...

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