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General advice, tips and guidance about the swinging lifestyle – useful for newbies and couples thinking of starting in the lifestyle.

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Our adventures in the swinging lifestyle.

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We’ve written a few articles about swinger sites and our personal opinion about using them.

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Interviews with other swingers

Swing Party At Hotel

[dropcap]W[/dropcap] e thought people might be wondering about hotel parties, what happens and how much fun they are. So here is the story of our first Swing Party at a Hotel. How it turned into a party. Before the party During the party After the date Things we...

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Married Couples and Swinging Ethics

Ethics in swinging. We practice ethical non-monogamy and we thought it would be interesting to write an article about the subject and what we mean by ethical non-monogamy. We would also like to hear other peoples opinions and views on the subject, I am sure we can...

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First Swinging Experience

We thought people might be nervous about their first swinging experience and that it might be helpful to tell you about what happened on our first swinging play date so you are aware of what to expect for your first time swinging.

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