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General advice, tips and guidance about the swinging lifestyle – useful for newbies and couples thinking of starting in the lifestyle.

Swinging Experiences

Our adventures in the swinging lifestyle.

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We’ve written a few articles about swinger sites and our personal opinion about using them.

Swinger Interviews

Interviews with other swingers

swing party

We thought people might like a more general overview of a swing party. Below we have put our take on hosting/attending them and our opinion of them.

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swing life style and pushy men

Swing life style and pushy men is an issue we have heard a lot about from other couples. Recently however we encountered a couple of pushy men ourselves. This is one of the instances. Mr and Mrs A This was a travelling couple that were coming over to visit some...

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Swing Party At Hotel

[dropcap]W[/dropcap] e thought people might be wondering about hotel parties, what happens and how much fun they are. So here is the story of our first Swing Party at a Hotel. How it turned into a party. Before the party During the party After the date Things we...

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