W elcome to my lifestyle blog about swinging for fun.
This first post is just to introduce myself to you, and let you know a bit more about myself and my hubby.

Who we are

W e are a happily married, caucasian, professional couple in our early 40s, keep ourselves in pretty good shape, love good food and wine with some good company, and we enjoy swinging for fun.

We have been in the lifestyle for about a year and a half now and still enjoying ourselves meeting some very lovely and interesting people.

We are a soft swap couple and only play with couples either at one on one play date or at parties, no single men or women.

We do host if we are comfortable with the couple we have arranged the play date with and always, always meet the couple first for just a drink or a meal before even thinking about playing.

We have travelled, lived and worked around Europe and Asia, with our lifestyle experience limited to Asia, where we currently live, so this blog will mostly reflect swinging in Asia.

What is ‘The Swinging Lifestyle?

S o let me briefly explain what ‘The Swinging Lifestyle’ is :

‘The Swinging Lifestyle’ is often just referred to as ‘The Lifestyle’, and is the practice of a committed couple swapping partners for sexual fun and pleasure.

Another outdated, but inaccurate term used is ‘Wife-Swapping’, but I dislike that term as it seems to me to come from the male point of view. It denies any idea that the woman is an active and willing participant, or that possibly from her view, she is swapping husbands with the other lady.

I am sure that there are other terms people use but these appear to be the most common that I have come across.

Why the blog?

I’ll save the how and why we got into the lifestyle for another post, but here is what I hope to achieve with this blog.

  • Give some insight into the swinging lifestyle, from a female point of view.
  • Show that the swinging world is mainly made up of people you meet every day in the office, on public transport or in a restaurant,  you can’t pick swingers out in a crowd and we aren’t going to jump on you or each other if we are out socialising.
  • Share some resources and links to sites that we have found fun and useful and that helped us through the first year and half of swinging.
  • Shed some light on the world of swinging and hopefully break a few misconceptions people may have about swinging, so feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Although I will answer as I see things, and according to my experiences, my hubby may occasionally blog here as well, so you will get some views from his experiences from time to time.

Blog Suggestions

I have a list of several ideas lined up for future blog posts, such as how we got started swinging, types of swinging (soft swap vs full swap), rules that work for us,  as well as some stories about our experiences, but any suggestions for subjects of blogs or articles are welcome, please put your requests in the comments section below and I will see if I can work your suggestions in.