I n this post we answer some questions you may have about meeting a visiting couple for hotel sex. We have a few suggestions on how to reduce the disadvantages.

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Travelling couples

“We are going to be in your area next week, care to meet?”

It’s always fun to get an email message like the one above. But what happens next?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of meeting a swinger couple who are in your town on holiday or on business?

Below are our opinions and observations based on our experiences of hotel playdates with visiting couples.

Arranging the meeting

S ometimes the couple is known to us so we just reply back with “yay, looking forward to seeing you”.

For new couples we haven’t connected with before, we look at their profile. Just like we would with a local couple. If we like their profile and are available when they are over we try to meet them.

Arranging the meeting is the same as any other meeting, you email/text and agree a time and place.



Hotel room

They have a hotel room to play in already if things go well.

It’s easier when you know there is a hotel room available. You just have to decide whether you like the couple and want to play with them. Of course, they are doing the same thing, no guarantee they will like you.

The travelling couple already has a hotel room, after drinks we can go and play there.

Plenty of visiting couples to choose from

There are lots of visiting couples and only so many locals.

There is a limited supply of local swinger couples. After you have been in the swinging lifestyle for a while you will have met many of them already. Visiting couples are new and that adds some excitement.

A wide variety of┬ávisiting couples visit Singapore, it’s a hub city for South East Asia. We like to hear about their swinging experiences and to know what the swinger scene is like in their country.

You can get the inside story on any swinger clubs or any other good couples to meet if you travel to their country.

Experienced couples

The visiting couples we have met have been fairly experienced in hosting couples in their hotel rooms.

This is going to be important for those who are new to swinging with visiting couples scene.

Things happen quickly

Less time for nerves because drinks usually lead fairly quickly to play.

For travelling couples, it’s a casual hook up so we are not strict on criteria. If we are having fun, laughing and flirting with the other couple we usually play.

Hotel parties

With a travelling couple, there is potential to organise a swing party. We have found that most of the visiting couples love to turn the date with us into a party so they can meet as many couples as possible in a short time.

We have been asked during the first contact by two visiting couples to invite other couples to the meet up so we can turn it into a party, others have mentioned during the date that next time they are visiting they are up for a party in their hotel room.

Just be sure to only invite couples that you know and that you think will fit in with the visiting couple, it is their hotel room after all.


No time for social date first

You are unlikely to have time to have a social date first to see what the couple are like and be able to have a relaxed discussion with your partner about both of your feelings towards the couple.

I would say this is the single biggest worry for relatively new swingers who may feel uncomfortable having to decide on the spot if there is enough chemistry to play quickly.

It is also easier if you make excuses to leave as soon as you know you don’t want to play with them.


Their visit might not coincide with you being available or able to meet and play.

As they are only over for a short time you might already have plans for then, or the ladies could be in the “red zone”.

They may be tired from travel or delayed

If they are only in town for a day or two (passing through) they could be tired from the travelling or have jet-lag and not be at their best.

Their arrival could also be delayed meaning they might be rushing to meet you or they may have to postpone/cancel the date.

The best way to reduce chances of that is, if they are over for a few days do not schedule your date for the first day/night they are there and that gives them time to arrive at the date comfortably and unrushed.

Communication may be difficult

If they are from another country they might not have messaging available to them in your town so it always helps to have the meeting time and place arranged properly before hand, that way no one is left guessing or left waiting for some communication.

Our view

W e like meeting visiting couples for hotel sex for many reasons including all of the reasons in the list of advantages above and also because many of the visiting couples we have met have become good friends.

We have played with a couple of them a few times now.

In turn, we let those couples know when we are visiting their home town and if they are able to we meet up with them there as well.

We would love to hear from you. Please comment below.

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