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10 best sexy twitter accounts to follow

Here are 10 best sexy Twitter accounts (in no particular order) that we think you should follow.

Some are informative and fun sex-positive posts
Some and relationship style and swinging/poly kink-specific.
Some are posting sexy images and some have more kink-specific posts.

Swinging Pros and Cons

What are the pros and cons of the swinging lifestyle? We list some of the advantages we find in swinging along with a few disadvantages.

Swinger Dating Sites: AFF review

I review the swinger and adult dating site – adultfriendfinder.com or AFF, also known as sexfinder.com. It is definitely one of the better known sites and we have been a member of this site for several years now and have had many meet ups through the site.

Interview with Swinger Couple

We asked some good friends of ours to come round to our place have a drink or two and answer a few questions about their swinging experiences.

Body Image and Swinging

Many couples in the swinging lifestyle have body image issues. Here we take a look at what affects body confidence in swinging – mainly from a women’s perspective. Does swinging help increase or decrease confidence?

swing party

We thought people might like a more general overview of a swing party. Below we have put our take on hosting/attending them and our opinion of them.

swing life style and pushy men

Swing life style and pushy men is an issue we have heard a lot about from other couples. Recently however we encountered a couple of pushy men ourselves. This is one of the instances. Mr and Mrs A This was a travelling couple that were coming over to visit some...

Swing Party At Hotel

[dropcap]W[/dropcap] e thought people might be wondering about hotel parties, what happens and how much fun they are. So here is the story of our first Swing Party at a Hotel. How it turned into a party. Before the party During the party After the date Things we...

Married Couples and Swinging Ethics

Ethics in swinging. We practice ethical non-monogamy and we thought it would be interesting to write an article about the subject and what we mean by ethical non-monogamy. We would also like to hear other peoples opinions and views on the subject, I am sure we can...

First Swinging Experience

We thought people might be nervous about their first swinging experience and that it might be helpful to tell you about what happened on our first swinging play date so you are aware of what to expect for your first time swinging.

Sexy Bucket List Ideas for 2015

On a playdate earlier this week I was asked if I had a sexy bucket list for 2015. I couldn't really come up with much then, but after some thinking realised there are actually a few new sexual experiences I want to have this year. I thought if I posted my sexy bucket...

Hotel sex with visiting couples

It is nice to get that email saying “We are going to be in your area next week, care to meet?”.
But what happens next?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of meeting a swinger couple who are in your town on holiday or on business?

18 Myths about swinging

In this post I debunk some of the more common myths about swingers and the swinging lifestyle. Myth 1: All swingers are ugly overweight people! Myth 2: All swingers are in to kinky sex!. Myth 3: Swinging is Cheating ! Myth 4: Swinging will keep a potential cheater...

Soft swap? Full swap? Swinger styles defined.

[dropcap] I [/dropcap] n this article I describe some of the swinger types that couples most often identify themselves with and also some of the different types of playdates that swinger couples encounter. Swinging Styles Playdate Types Feedback Swinging Styles...