SDC offer a free trial membership so you can have a look at the site without having to make a payment. The trial period lasts for seven days and gives you access to all the site’s functionality as if you where a paid up member for that time.

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This article will review the paid membership experience of the site. I will break down the review into the following sections:

Number and Quality of Swingers on the site

W e find SDC does not have as many swingers as some other sites but the site contains more genuine, real couples and fewer time wasters and fakes than on other sites we regularly use. It is one of the best sites to find travelling couples, that is couples that are travelling for holiday or work to near where you live.

User Interface

T he site was recently updated to version 4.0 and the User Interface was completed overhauled.
left side bar 1 left side bar 2
It is easy enough to find your way around the site with many options in the sidebar on the left hand side of the page. One annoying behaviour of the user interface is how many different links open up in a dialog box rather than going to another page. From the dialog box you click on a link and it opens up another dialog box! It also means it’s difficult to have several different pages open at once which I like to do when looking at multiple profiles.

Performance and Availability

T he site is speedy enough and doesn’t have time outs like some other sites.

Not as many bugs or weird behaviour as some other sites so generally we are happy with the performance and availability of the site.


Mobile App

It has a mobile app that you can download. We have used it occasionally but prefer to use the website.

Speed Dating

speed dating sdc Speed dating is a feature that allows you to hook up with other couples quickly. Travelling couples who have some spare time can sign up for speed dating and maybe find someone else to play with the same night. We generally prefer to set up meets with other couples in advance so don’t use this facility much but we do keep an eye out for interesting couples in our area.

Travel Plans

You can specify your travel plans so that other couples in the area you are travelling too can be alerted. You can set up your account to get a notification of all couples that are visiting your area as soon as they post a travel plan on their profile. This is one of the main ways we find travelling couples on the site.

Travel Calendar

The Travel Calendar shows you which couples are travelling to your area. You can select a search distance to act as a filter. Useful for keeping an eye on couples that will be visiting your location in the coming months.


blogs sdc The blog functionality itself is easy to use and the majority of the posts are useful, light hearted or genuine queries. I like to be able to moderate comments because in the past I’ve needed to remove a comment or two due to stupid troll-like comments.

Member Services

member services sdc Swinger couples offering services of all kinds such as photography, villa rental and shared accommodation. We haven’t used this service yet, but it seems like it is useful to some people, and we possibly might use it in the future.

Chat Rooms

Unfortunately there are no chat rooms for Asia! Here is the geographical list of chat rooms currently available (September 2016):

  • USA
  • UK
  • Canada
  • Holland
  • France
  • Belgium
  • Brazil
  • Mexico
  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Turkey
  • Switzerland

Swinger Travel and Events

sdc travel events We have not attended a SDC organized event but we know couples who have and have recommended using this service. We hope to do this in the future. We have heard from couples who have attended events that one of the really cool things if you book through SDC is that you get to see the profiles of other members who have also booked. This means that you can make contact through the site with anyone you like the look of and maybe arrange a hook up on the holiday. Also if there is the concern on the demographics at the event and you have a guest list to look at, you can see for yourself who is going before you book.

Geographical Distribution of Members

T here are many couples in our area (Asia), there seems to be plenty of couples in other parts of the world as well. According to the site there are over three million members in over 50 countries. What matters to us though is not how many people have signed up but how many are active genuine couples who are willing to meet up. In our experience we find couples from SDC are more experienced and genuine than couples from other sites we use.


3 million members

50 countries

130 online in the chat rooms (typically)

11500 maximum number of members online in a day


A ll paid plans give you the following features:

  • Contact other members
  • Update or change your profile
  • Webcam chat room
  • Validate members
  • Speed Dating
  • See all profiles / pictures
  • Add yourself to party guest list
  • Join SDC communities
  • Use the Instant Messenger
  • Add travel plans to the Travel calendar
  • Use the Invitation program
  • Add yourself to the photo spotlight
  • Add yourself to the video spotlight
  • Add your photo to the SDC login page
  • Post in the Swingers blogs
  • Offer your service to other members
  • Voyeur Cam
  • Add a second profile location
  • Post Parties (after approval)
  • Contest participation
  • Travel Alert

In addition to the paid plans a trial membership option is available. It’s very limited though so you are better off just buying a one month paid plan and not continuing with it if you don’t like the site. The value will depend on how many quality couples you can find in your area, whether your area is a tourist/travel hub so you can see many travelling couples, and how much use you make of the features on the site. All prices are in US Dollars, prices were correct in September 2016 but may have changed since

6 months

Billed in one charge as $79.95
US $13.33/month

3 months

Billed in one charge as $49.95
US $16.65/month

1 month

Billed in one charge as $22.95
US $22.95/month


I n conclusion we find SDC easy to use. It has many features such as speed dating and travel plans that are useful and easy to use. We find the couples we meet on SDC are real, genuine and experienced couples, more so than on other sites. We can and do definitely recommend SDC to other swinger couples!

  • Are you a member of SDC?
  • What is your experience of using SDC?
  • Did we miss any important features?

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