Here are 10 best sexy Twitter accounts to follow.

Our 10 best sexy twitter accounts to follow in no particular order
Some are informative and fun sex-positive posts and others post relationship style and swinging/poly post.
Some for sexy images and more kink specific posts.

1: SheffCouple

Post and retweet a good mix of erotic photography including sexy lingerie, nudes, orgies, swinging images.

I love most of what this twitter account tweets and retweets as they are all classy images and very nice to look at.

2: The Pleasure Coach

Love this guy’s tweets, he tweets some of the most relevant and interesting swinging, relationships and sexual health links.

I find that I am regularly retweeting and favouriting his tweets.
He also regularly tweets links to relevant and interesting Facebook pages and instagram accounts as well as blog articles.

3: Married Fit Couple

Real swinger/hotwife couple.
Tweet nude/naughty photos of themselves and retweet hot photos from other swinger/hotwife accounts.

These two really are a sexy couple and the pictures they post are very classy.

4: Average Swingers

Real, genuine and sexy swingers that run a very good, well produced and informative podcast.
They tweet about their meetups with other swingers and podcasting adventures.

Well worth going through their older podcasts as well if you are new to the scene and want to hear some honest opinions/stories.

5: Nina Hartley

Erm hello, it’s Nina Hartley’s twitter account and she is just awesome, no list of sexy tweeters should be without her.
One sensual and sexy lady who knows what she is talking about.
She tweets a lovely mix of personal day to day, as well as sexy posts that are informative and fun to read.

Anything Nina has to say I want to hear and I would love to have a coffee with this lady and just hope some of her natural eroticism rubs off on me.

6: Melb Couple.

Another really sexy swinger couple.
Tweet some very hot and sexy photos of themselves and retweet some humorous observational tweets.
Couldn’t get a tweet from their account to embed on here but this is a great account by a real and sexy couple.

7: Tease and Denial

These are posts that are directed towards tease and denial.
They post pics of gorgeous ladies in all types of outfits and locations and the pictures always with a nice teasing and denial related phrase or quote.

Handy to get someone started if they don’t know what kind of things to say if they are into that.

8: AZ Hotwife Fantasy

A Hot Wife couple just starting in the lifestyle and happy to share their passion for the hotwife lifestyle.
Posting and retweeting sexy pictures of hotwives and their play sessions.

Some have sexy hotwife related quotes on them.
A great way to get some ideas of the things to say if you are just starting out and a bit lost for ideas.

9: Roleplay Sex

Tweet a lovely mix of erotic pictures that vary from lingerie, fetish, fantasy and more

Another really hot account to follow if you like mainly classy, sexy photos from all genres of the lifestyle.

10: Kinkly

Straight up sex talk account with some humerous, some informational and some downright kinky tweets.
They tweet fun articles/polls from their website and retweet other Twitter articles that will help inform and challenge you sexually.

They have partner sites such as sex toy shops that will offer discount codes on their site.

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  • Have we missed any particularly good twitter accounts in your opinion?
  • Do you agree or disagree with the accounts listed?